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Fresh Posts From France

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The Weekend in Paris covers the City of Light and beyond.

Follow me for the BEST France has to offer from vineyards and countrysides,

to mountains and sea shores…and everything in between.

Questions about hotels, cafés, boutiques, and tours? It’s all here!


(photo above taken by Goncalo of FlytographerIn the wake of the latest terror attack in Europe in Brussels, Belgium I have elicited the advice of a private security firm in Houston, 360 Worldwide Security, to access the potential threat to travelers abroad. What does it mean for travel to Paris, the city that holds my heart?
On a quiet street just a few paces off the Champs Elysées sits Hotel La Reserve. Afternoon tea in Paris at La Reserve is an enjoyable way to rest vôtre pieds (your feet) after a long morning of pounding the pavement in search of all things chic, unique and exclusively Parisian.
Strolling along the streets on a Sunday afternoon on Île Saint-Louis is such a joy. Paris boutique shopping is easily done at 78 ISL (named for the street number 78 and initials of the island name Île Saint-Louis).
Looking to stay in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés? Paris four star Hotel Belloy fulfills the desire to be near the favorite shopping, dining and entertainment section on the Left Bank in a comfortable and hospitable home away from home without breaking the bank.
How many times have you tasted a dish and wished you could go home and replicate it? Generous chefs like three Michelin-star chef Eric Frechon of Le Bristol Hotel, Paris share signature dishes with diners upon request. Here is how to recreate one of my favorite French appetizers served at his restaurant Epicure - Sologne Caviar...