Gal Pal Elizabeth and I arrived in Brussels excited to explore a new city but unable to ignore the grumbling noises coming from our bellies so we ditched the thoughts of unpacking our bags in favor of going straight out to grab some lunch. The concierge at The Royal Windsor Hotel recommended a traditional Brasserie around the corner that reportedly had amazing food. La Roue d’Or was packed with locals with no area to wait, but thankfully the hostess told us that if we could return in 30 minutes we would be seated. Thirty minutes seemed like an eternity, but it smelled so good inside and the atmosphere was fun that we decided it was worth the wait. Lucky for us there were multiple chocolate shops nearby with free samples to keep us from focusing on our hunger.

La Roue’s vibe is a combination that reflects Belgium itself – French and Dutch influences with old-world decor mixed with a touch of modernism. The tables, chairs and service bar area were typical of most brasseries – dark woods and fabrics, but the wall decorations were bright and whimsical. One thing not typical was the fact that there was a window to the kitchen where we could witness the chefs preparing portions of our meal. We must have stuck out as Americans because they were staring at us when our plates were set down in front of us. When our jaws dropped, they laughed and pointed at us! Little did we know that La Roue serves the largest lunch we’ve ever experienced – ya’ll better understand that we live in Texas so that statement is really huge! We each ordered variations of sausages plated on top of root vegetables that were mashed and/or pureed. We of course decided that this meal fit for Texas Royalty should be washed down with some nectar of the Gods – Bordeaux. I thought I took an image of the bottle, but can’t seem to find it. UGH! Our stomachs in danger of spontaneously bursting, we left La Roue for a purposeful walk to make room for more chocolate!

Two thumbs up for La Roue d’Or as the best brasserie in Brussels for its cuisine, not the price! Be prepared to spend what you normally would for dinner on lunch here, but it was worth it (about 25 Euros per person). You won’t be very hungry for dinner after the gorge fest midday. And, as for your meal budget, stay tuned because a future post will highlight the cheapest dinner in Brussels with great food which helped us keep the day’s expenses on track.

Rue des Chapeliers, 26
1000 Bruxelles

Tél: 02/ 514.25.54
Fax: 02/ 512.30.81