Outside Paris – The Bag that Got Away

The One – Front Row, 2nd from Left

My kids would say that I was “Purse Obsessed” but I proved them wrong when on my trip from Paris to Brussels.  Eye candy was everywhere in the shopping gauntlet adjacent to the Grand Place.  In my quest to find the perfect summer neutral handbag I found the ultimate specimen in the window at a shop named Delvaux.  Perched on a display that resembled a wave, the perfect bag to compliment my casual summer lifestyle crashed into my psyche as strong as a wave pounds ashore at the beach.  While my head was chanting, “Must have that bag!” my heart was imagining my boys’ reaction to seeing me with a new handbag in tow.  My heart decided hearing the jibes were not worth it.  The fact that it’s four months later and I am still thinking about that bag means that either I’m certifiably nuts or I simply made a mistake letting that bag get away from me… C’est la vie!

  • Suzy
    Posted at 22:12h, 14 May Reply

    I definitely know this feeling. There were some earrings in Lucca, Italy at an outdoor market I decided to pass on. I still think about them. I think if you see something you are in love with, you will always regret not picking it up, as materialistic as that may be ha.

    • Weekend In Paris
      Posted at 10:16h, 15 May Reply

      Hi Suzy,
      I know it sounds funny to regret not buying something and very materialistic… so why do we still feel attached to something was never ours to begin with? Funny, right? I think for me part of it is that I prefer to buy fewer items, but ones that I think are special and will last forever. When I passed on the “forever” bag it seemed like a wasted opportunity. However, there’s always next year!
      Here’s hoping you find another special pair of earrings on your travels…Cheers!

  • monique
    Posted at 02:23h, 13 May Reply

    I feel your pain. I’ve let a few things get away from me when traveling and I always regret it. Guess you’ll have to make another trip to Brussels to look for it. 😉

    • Weekend In Paris
      Posted at 10:25h, 15 May Reply

      Hi Monique,
      Boy do I wish I could just jump on a plane now and grab that bag – maybe it would be on sale now? Even on sale, it’s probably too much, but a girl can dream!
      Nice to hear from you,

  • Joy
    Posted at 10:17h, 11 May Reply

    In case you get weak, you can find it at http://www.delvaux.com/#/products/women/shoulder-bags/365/mirage.

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