No Need to Call a Taxi in Paris, Just Snap!

Always in search of the latest and greatest tools to make my travel in Paris easier, I have found a super cool way to get around Paris in the rain or when my feet can’t walk one more block and the Métro is too crowded. SnapCar promises to find me quickly and deliver me safely with just a click of a couple buttons. I have already downloaded the App onto my iPhone in anticipation of using this product on my next trip and have been in touch with their marketers to secure a discount for my readers in case you want to try it.

What is SnapCar? Here’s a quote from their website, “SnapCar is a mobile application with a network of chauffered vehicles that will pick you up on demand: in two clicks: With SnapCar, you don’t need to know phone numbers, wait on hold, or keep your arm out on the street in the rain. Click on SnapBook…and we’re there. With SnapCar, it’s so easy and pleasant to get around that you’ll wonder why it hasn’t always worked this way.”

Special features include:

  1. SnapPlan: you can book a SnapCar for later.
  2. SnapLive: you can choose a playlist that will be displayed when your SnapCar arrives.
  3. At any time you can share your route with your friends. They can see your location in real time.
  4. A baby seat available for children on board.

How can my readers take advantage of the discount? Simply follow the instructions below and use between September 3, 2012 and September 30, 2012. The actual launch date to the public is September 10th so you will be among the first to try this service out!

– Download the app from the App Store onto your smart phone

– Enter the promotion code weekendinparis (section of Settings / My SnapCar)

– Your 7€ reduction (for your first booking) will automatically be credited to your booking.

Please let me know how you like the service and comment below. All feedback is appreciated before I try it for myself!

  • maisondeballard
    Posted at 20:58h, 31 August Reply

    What a fabulous service. Next time in Paris we will “snap”! Thanks for sharing this great tip, Priscilla.

    • Weekend In Paris
      Posted at 11:22h, 06 November Reply

      Hope you have had a chance to snap!

  • Dave Ashton
    Posted at 05:39h, 30 August Reply

    As SnapCar’s founder, I should probably clarify here that while our minimum tariff is 15€, SnapCar has no “prise en charge”: when you call a taxi in Paris you’re charged as soon as you call, so the fee can be 10€ before your car even arrives, and then you pay on top of that the full fare of your booking. With SnapCar it’s different: you travel for 15€ of value before the price increases further. So in some cases SnapCar is actually *less* expensive than a taxi. And in all cases it’s a completely different experience: an impeccable Mercedes or equivalent every time, a chauffeur in a suit that opens your door for you, the music you want to hear in the car, you can rate your driver, etc. Try it once and you’ll know the difference..I promise.

    I’m a fellow English-speaker here in Paris (originally from Arizona), and would love for your readers here to try our service – especially after trying 52 Martinis (or perhaps just even one!).

    Anyone can reach me directly:, or read what we’re doing on Twitter: @snapcarparis. I and my team would be happy to hear from you!

    Thanks for a great post!
    All the best,

    • Weekend In Paris
      Posted at 06:07h, 30 August Reply

      Hi Dave!
      Great to hear from you and I look forward to trying the service myself. I love the idea of clicking on the app to book as my French is not great and I hate to speak it on the phone. I see this as a very helpful aid to English speakers.

  • 52martinis
    Posted at 15:41h, 29 August Reply

    Good to know! Thanks!

    • Weekend In Paris
      Posted at 16:18h, 29 August Reply

      Please let me know if you use it and what it was like. I think it would be good if you are sharing a ride for sure because I think it’s a 15 Euro minimum, but at least for my readers for the first time they use it they will get 7 Euros off!
      Cheers Forest,

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