New Food Options on Continental Airlines

Healthy Option Snacks

The 9+ hour ride home from Paris for the Gal Pals will be spent in coach side by side unless we are lucky to have an empty plane (which happens quite a bit in January) where we will stretch out and catch some shut-eye in between laughing and recounting our fun trip!  The meals on overseas flights typically have decent food in coach, but this year it should be even better.  Continental Airlines introduced a new meal plan last week with better and more healthy food options.  Hopefully these new options will be available on the long haul flights from Paris.  Any flight six hours or longer passengers will receive their meals for free so we will see and report for all of you! 

Kid friendly & Snack happy options

For domestic flights there is an actual menu from which you may choose what entrée or snack you prefer.  Will I miss the free turkey on stale rolls with wilted lettuce or the weird gray mystery meat cheeseburger?  Nope!  People will be railing against the fact they have to pay for their food, but I for one will NOT!  There was so much waste when people took the food just to have the M&M candy treat (my kids mostly) and did not touch the other stuff in the box.  Our family always wound up spending a ton of money in the overpriced airport kiosks for junk food for the kids and then my husband and I would starve because we didn’t want to eat the junk with the kids and the options on the plane weren’t worth the calories.  With options for granola bars, fruit and nut mix, soy chips, humus and olives in a neat tidy take-away box I am loving the new food service on Continental.  Lest you think I am a total health nut, I also love the option for mini sandwiches, burgers and a regular size bag of M&M’s!

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