My Personal Flight Attendant

Sharon & Moi - Morning arrival Paris 2011

How many of you have a personal flight attendant?  Well I do!  Sort of…

Sharon Conrad, who flies for Continental now United Airlines, has been a BusinessFirst flight attendant on several of my trips to Paris from the US over the years.  I have boasted about her being my favorite flight attendant in prior posts and am happy to report that once again, this year, Sharon will be working the flight I am taking to Charles de Gaulle in January.  Sharon and I have kept in touch since our last flight together.   Sweetly, she placed a bid to work the same itinerary as ‘moi’ this go around.

There’s no doubt that I will be greeted aboard the Boeing 767-200 with a genuine smile and a warm hug from one of the hardest working flight attendants in the air.  My hot towel will seem softer, the meal will taste better, the champagne will have more bubbles just because I know that Sharon will be taking care of it all.  Many times when I fall asleep on a flight I get a tinge of paranoia that someone might steal my wallet, my money, or my passport.  Silly I know, but my fears will be lessened knowing that Sharon or when she’s on break, one of her co-workers will be on watch.

While I am disappointed that I am on the 767-200 (an older aircraft) which does not have the new flatbed seats, at least I know that my service will be the very best United has to offer.  I’d take Sharon and the old seats over new seats and the unknown crew any day.  Of course I’d really like the 757-200 with its flatbed seats and Sharon on my flight so if anyone at United is reading this, it would be fab – make it happen!

Sharon – just to make your life a little easier, I will be having the Executive Meal Option.  Salad with vinaigrette to start, the beef entrée, and chocolates for dessert. I will have one glass of champagne when I board and Bordeaux and sparkling water with my dinner.  Please wake me for breakfast if I am not already stirring and for that I will have the omelet, fruit and yogurt with decaf coffee and cream with a glass of cranberry juice.  Ta dah!  Hopefully this means Sharon can take a nice break so she can arrive less stressed and enjoy a little of Paris herself.

Voila – now that’s flying to Paris made easy!


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