Mission #1 Paris 2012

Our Lady of Pain by Germain Pilon

In less than two weeks I am headed back to the City of Lights for my next adventure.  I have several missions that I want to, no – that I MUST accomplish on this trip.  Mission #1 is to head to the Louvre to locate works of art on display of Germain Pilon.  After stumbling upon one of his masterpieces entitled Our Lady of Pain in Saint Gervais Church in the Marais, I had to find out more about this distant relative of my husband’s family.  Hopefully I can find a docent who will lead me to his pieces easily.  There is a chance, as with all works at the Louvre, that they may be on loan to another institution, in repair, or simply rotated out and thus not on display.  Let’s hope that is NOT the case.

My plan to complete this mission is that the morning I arrive in Paris I will drop my bags at the hotel, grab a quick cup of café au lait and power walk to the Louvre to be there when she opens.  The cold January air should slap me in the face enough to wake me up the rest of the way so I will be in top form to complete the task at hand.  Upon arrival, I will grab my guide-book, ask a docent if I’m in the right direction, and go immediately to see the pieces.  This should be quite easy as I doubt hoards of Japanese tourists will be stampeding their way towards our family artifacts.  If our relatives had painted Mona then I would be in big trouble, but alas I feel quite confident that I will have Germain Pilon to myself.  Plenty of time for taking as many photos as I care to suits me just fine.

To read more about this particular work by Germain Pilon and about the artist himself, please click on this link: Our Lady of Pain

Stay tuned for the announcement of Mission #2 – it’s a doozy!


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  • Mary Ward
    Posted at 19:52h, 05 January Reply

    Have a great time, Priscilla! I look forward to reading about your Parisian adventures. Au revoir!

    • Weekend In Paris
      Posted at 19:54h, 05 January Reply

      Hi Mary!
      Thanks for the well wishes – are you free next week? I want to catch up with you!

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