Look what I just found!

You know the feeling when you put on a pair of last summer’s shorts and find money in the pocket?  That’s how I feel right now.  I just found a camera memory stick that has some photos from Gal Pal Paris 2009.  Voila!  There it was in an old camera case in the back of a stuffed to the gills drawer!

Love that I found a photo of Michael Harriman – the only male ever to be present for a gal pal dinner in Paris!  He is the ever patient and fully indulgent husband of Lisa.  He was in town on business and offered to take us to our favorite international cuisine restaurant Le Boullion des Colonies.  You must read about that fateful night when I almost died there right in front of Lisa, Rachel & Michael by clicking on this link.  Proving that men are dangerous for the girl’s only trips to Paris!

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