Lisa’s Committed & The Rosetta vs. Me

Hey loyal and new readers of the gal pal blog – it’s been a while.  Nothing like a little Vertigo to stand in your way…I have finally worked my way up to being able to read and write for more than 5 minutes a day.  Whoo hoo!!!

Spoke with Lisa last night on the mobile and she is firmly committed to meeting us and going to Dijon!  We agreed to break Gal Pal Rule #3 so that she can come for longer this time – in fact I am planning a week in France for the first time in a long time!  Not all the gals have to come for that long, but I promise it will be worth it if you do!!!

The Rosetta is calling my name – neglected and abused sitting in  its clear plastic case, it stares at me from my desk as yet another day goes by where somehow I justify why I am ignoring the call.  It’s shockingly simple really.  I am an unmotivated learner and if I am going to be brutally honest here, I have been cheating on The Rosetta.  Yes, I admitted it publically now.  There is no going back.  The Tiger is out of the box so to speak…

Instead of diligently putting the disk in the drive and following the directions of those know-it-all native French speakers on The Rosetta, I joined the American French Embassy Facebook page where I receive daily newsy updates in French.  I turn the headlines into a game where I try to read them first unaided and then I cut and paste the phrases into Google language translation to see how correct/incorrect my interpretations were.  It has proven to be a great way to learn practical vocabulary while keeping me posted on what is happening in and around Paris.

I would beg forgiveness from The Rosetta, but the people who put out the software have not offered me a solution for my need to learn differently.  I have special needs apparently in the foreign language department.  The box should come with Ritalin, a tutor and extra time don’t you think?

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