Help! How do I eat in France…

…with diet restrictions?  Trying to plan my next trip and salivating over all my choices for activities like wine & cheese tastings at O-Chateau and chocolate sampling at La Maison du Chocolat that Julie Gilley guest blogged about for Weekend in Paris.  There’s only one problem – I am on a doctor prescribed low sodium, low fat gig for the forseeable future.

If you are reading this and can help me figure out what French menu items would be conducive to me to sticking to my new regime, please let me know.  In the US one can go to a fine dining restaurant and ask the chef to make the main course without salt and butter or sauce on the side, but I am a bit too intimidated to do this in Paris.  Are there restaurants that have healthy menu options?  If there are restaurants that will allow me to order it “my way” then how do I ask for this and ask respectfully in French?

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