One of the best ways to get a good overview of Paris is by boat. The Bateaux-Mouches company has been operating since 1949 and provides first time visitors to Paris a great way to get the lay of the land via a pleasant boat ride rain or shine. Seasoned Paris travelers like myself can also benefit from a cruise along the Seine. I find it relaxing to sit and leave the hustle and bustle of Paris behind while sipping a glass of champagne as I discover new sites I might have overlooked before – an old building, a new café or interesting new building being transformed along the Quays.
The cruise lasts about one hour and ten minutes which enables you to still have a full day of touring on foot either before or after the boat trip. Most of the major sights can be viewed and photographed from the comfort of your cabin. The cost is less than €12 for adults and
€6 for children making it a reasonable excursion for a family or group. Lunch cruises are a bit pricey at €55 and dinner rates start at €99 but if you want to see The City of Light in its glory, the night time cruises are amazing!
I recommend you take the boat with the open air if the weather is nice and definitely the one with the enclosure if there is a hint of rain. The cabins are cosy and updated regularly making it a fab way to spend an afternoon in Paris.
Boarding and landing take place at the Port de la Conférence – Pont de l’Alma, on the (Right Bank) Rive Droite, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. Book ahead to save you time when you arrive and ask your hotel for discounted rates.
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