Gal Pals 2011 trip confirmed!

Two gal pals have confirmed their flights and one is close to sealing the deal so that means we are complete.  4 is the rule and Lisa is a given as you know by now from reading the Gal Pal Rules.  Now we know the “who”, but I am still working on the “where” for the excursions, “what” hotel we will stay at in Paris/Bordeaux or Burgundy and the “how” we will get there.  

The hunt is now officially on!  I will hunt down the best hotel at the best prices until I am satisfied that we are in the best location for the best rate.  I love this game.  It’s sick, I know, but I love it!  Most gals love to shop or get manicures, I love to hunt down a cool location to stay that will meet the needs of the gals while keeping pocket money in hand for our purchases and excursions in France.  I require clean rooms, rooms without funky smells, rooms that have decent bathrooms, rooms that include breakfast.  I also require free internet so I can blog, tweet and Skype to my boys and my generous husband who understands and supports my need for the annual Mecca to France. 

Many new friends I have made through Twitter have great blogs that are helping me define my research.  They are very supportive of my obsession, and they provide me with great “insider” scoops to the paths less travelled.  After reading so many interesting blogs, I am convinced there are no more secrets to be uncovered, yet there is valuable info into the more unusual local happenings in Paris that most people don’t take advantage of making them more intimate events for annual travellers.  I am very excited because Elizabeth has been to Paris before with me, and without me so we are able to skip the more typical attractions and take some “risks”.

Normally I like to build into the trip some “sure things” that my co-travellers will want and need to see if they have never been before and particularly if they may never be back again.  This trip we will be going out of the gal pal comfort zone and trying many new things.  On the table are ideas for:

Wine/Cheese tasting at O-Chateau, Chocolate tasting at , La Maison du Chocolat, City Segway Tour, and that’s without having left the city yet for our two night excursion.  I am debating between Bordeaux and Burgundy/Dijon.  Please help me by weighing in with your thoughts about one versus the other. 

Definites for this trip include drinks at our rendezvous spot Café de Paris, dinner at L’Epi Dupin, dinner at Les Bouillon des Colonies & one new restaurant to review. 

I will be sure to keep you posted as our travel plans evolve – please keep your tips coming!

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