Gal Pal Update for 2013 Trip

Priscilla, Christine, Elizabeth, Lisa at Café de Flore 2008

It’s official – the next trip is booked! Veteran Gal Pal Elizabeth is “IN”, the original Gal Pal Lisa is also “IN” and I await the word of maybe Gal Pal Christine. I am busy pre-viewing tours for us and developing a plan of action that makes sense for our group of three or four. Here’s what I do know at this time:

Elizabeth and I will be landing in Paris first and heading straight to the train station headed to Cannes, France. We will stay in the city known for its film debuts for one night before jumping on the train to the Principality of Monaco, Monte Carlo for two nights. We will then hightail it back to Paris to meet up with the others. I am excited that Weekend In Paris will be previewing famous fab luxury hotels to share with you as well as some great value boutique hotels. Stay tuned for the official announcements of which luxury brands I will write about.

Every girl needs some chocolate on vacation!

As is the usual pace for our group, we will be on the go from the minute our suitcases land in our rooms. Musée de Cluny, France’s National Museum of the Middle Ages, is our choice for a museum tour this year. Located in my fav 6th arrondissement, I have literally stayed down the street from there a half a dozen times, but never ventured in before.  I can’t wait! Another first for the gals will be a chocolate tour! As I write this, I am researching various tour companies to discern which adventure will be the best for us. I will keep you posted who I decide to go with and I will certainly be writing about it post the voyage.

The house Bordeaux served by Gilbert at Café de Flore

New this year, I will be documenting each wine we taste along with the prices and photos. For sure we will order some vintage wines, medium priced wines and table wines so you will hopefully have some good recommendations for your trip to Paris. And, as always, I will document our meals. Hopefully all our meals will be delicious, but if a restaurant falls short, I will let you know. Sometimes the biggest favor I can do for my readers is to steer them away from popular spots that I know to be overrated or have poor service. Your time in Paris is precious, so why take a chance on a place that is just “so-so” when there are so many fab options.

Naracamicie, my 2011 favorite new shop for blouses!

Shopping is always part of our trip, whether it is looking for the latest fashion trends, picking up some staple classics or searching for the perfect souvenirs, we gals hit the local boutiques and fill up our suitcases easily! Two years ago, we each wound up purchasing extra luggage to bring home the goodies. This year, I am suspending my traditional “carry-on” rule. Elizabeth and I will be gone for eight days with many different location changes requiring us to bring super dressy outfits to casual day wear. Stay tuned for my packing tips for this kind of extended trip.

If you are reading this and have any suggestions for us, please chime in!



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