Don’t you just love it when you stumble upon a great store where everything looks good on you and you can afford to pick up a few key pieces? New this year on Boulevard Saint Germain is one of the Nara Camicie stores (Italian chain) conveniently located near the famous Café Flore and Les Deux Magots. Inside you will find an amazing array of blouses from crisp white classic business shirts to fanciful formal blouses with a sprinkle of modern pieces in updated colors. I am a huge Anne Fontaine fan, but can rarely justify the prices. Naracamicie is the kinder, gentler option for those who want the same high fashion look without the exorbitant price tag that accompanies it.

Not just stuffy cotton sold here, they also have some sophisticated silks with interesting neck lines in bold colors that make you feel festive just trying them on. The salesman was full of energy and eager to help. Fewer and fewer sales associates in Paris truly know the product line the way they used to, but not this guy – he was fantastic. He sized me up in a second and steered me towards bodices that flattered my figure and colors that played well with my skin tone. He was patient as I tried everything in the store on, and I mean everything!

The soldes (sales) were good…wicked good (Boston talk for AWESOME) and the exchange rate was decent at the time so truly, I could have said, “I’ll take one of everything!” Yet, I did not. I stuck to my budget, wardrobe needs and quite frankly the little room left in my luggage. Darn that Irish Catholic guilt…I should have let the one-quarter French in me take over and shop with reckless abandon. Ahh, Nara Camicie you just wait. I will bring a larger suitcase next time.