Weekend In Paris | Café de Flore $$
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Gilbert, our favorite waiter with some great house Bordeaux.

Gal Pal Christine enjoying some chocolat chaud.

Gal Pal Christine enjoying some chocolat chaud.

Café de Flore – One of Paris’ local favorite places to meet up for coffee or a simple, but delicious meal. It’s worth a visit here for the people watching alone, but, I truly love it for its amazing chocolat chaud – hot chocolate! They serve a warm and tasty Croque Madame and salad with decent crusty French bread. It is in the 6th my favorite arrondissement to shop, eat and play.

I adore Café de Flore because I feel I have been treated well by the waiters – Gilbert (shown here) is my favorite waiter because he is patient with my remedial French and serves us with a smile. For visitors to Paris, make sure you pick up a souvenir of your pleasant time at Café de Flore at their small gift shop around the corner. Almost everything in there is breakable, but don’t fret because they will pack it up nicely for you to ensure nothing will arrive home broken.

172 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris, France