Update 2016: Le Conti is no more…sad, but true. The hotel above is expanding their lobby I believe. Progress? NON!

Want a good breakfast in Paris? Never wanting to miss a minute of the day futzing around, I usually wake up early in Paris, get showered and dressed quickly and race downstairs to the dependable French breakfast buffet and hot cup of café au lait in the hotel breakfast room. Efficiency is my goal, so having a buffet at the ready helps me get out the door and off sightseeing in less than an hour after awakening.

There are times, however, that my travel companions don’t necessarily agree with my need for speed in the mornings and gently request a “sleep in” or at least a chance to refill their cups of coffee before embarking on our fast-paced day. Let’s be honest here, Gal Pal Lisa is Australian by birth and British by adoption, and is a royal pain in the butt until she’s had a “proper cup of tea” and something substantial to eat. She is NOT a morning person and I know that stalling is her way of rebelling against my plans for a rapid deployment for the start of the day. So at least once on the trip, I give in and go to a local spot for a leisurely breakfast.

Conveniently located on the corner of rue Buci and rue l”Ancienne de Comedie in the 6th arrondissement, Café Le Conti does breakfast right! Outside on the patio in summer or winter, they serve an inexpensive and quite decent Croque Monsieur or Croque Madame with a delicious cup of coffee and side of wheat toast. You can order fresh eggs and hearty breakfast meats if you need comfort food to fortify yourself for the day ahead. The waiters are friendly and efficient and are adept at keeping your coffee mug full without being overburdening.

Café Conti has an added bonus, a cute little Terrier that acts as the café’s mascot. Orson is a dog of distinction in the 6th arrondissement and greets visitors with either a tail wag or complete indifference. Either way, starting your day off with a hot breakfast at Café Conti is a perfect way to begin the day in Paris.

1 rue, Buci, Paris 75006

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