When in Paris, do as the Parisians do and forget the cooking. Find yourself a local traiteur “caterer” where you can pick up prepared meals to go that only require a couple of minutes re-heating. Feel like a rock star when staying in an apartment in Paris and throw a dinner party easily by stopping by one of Paris’ charcuteries “delicatessen” to pick up fully cured meats or fresh items to throw in the oven. Most of these places carry a small, but excellent variety of staples to go along with the main course ingredients and a few bottles of wine that pair easily with any of their dishes. Oh, and of course, they always have a bottle or twelve of champagne at the ready. On a recent trip to Paris I discovered an excellent option for apartment dwellers that actually made me jealous I was staying in a hotel and had to eat all my meals out!


Maison Guyard, both a deli and a catering shop is a third generation brother and sister (Stéphan and Valérie) owned business. Colette is the effervescent lady who keeps the shop going at full kilter while the siblings are handling the business aspects and buying responsibilities. Colette helped our small group on Context Travel’s Baguette to Bistro tour with guide Alisa. We learned about cooked meats (bacon, ham, sausage, terrines, galantines, pâtés, and confit.) We also learned the process by which their fresh foie gras is made. We tasted some and discovered that not all foie gras is created equal and that it is not a bad thing to purchase varieties in a tin to share with family back home since the process by which they seal the ingredients keeps the flavors as fresh as the day they were canned.


The chefs at Maison Guyard take care to use only high quality, mostly local (think trucked in, not flown in) meats, cheeses and herbs when creating their take-a-way dishes for the traiteur business. Colette emphasized that their shop carries particular entrées on certain days of the week and that locals get to know this and rely on this so they take that responsibility very seriously. Just imagine that all week-long you have looked forward to your favorite Coq Au Vin on Wednesday and when you arrived they were out? Maddening! Well, Colette said they try to ensure that the “regulars” are never disappointed, but they also encourage people to not wait until too late in the day or they will be out of luck!

Maison Guyard store frontThis place ROCKS! The customer service was awesome and the selection of goodies for foodies was to die for! It made me seriously consider booking an apartment. If I do, it must be walking distance to Maison Guyard! A special thanks to Colette who had absolutely NO idea I was a travel writer. She put up with my limited French, patiently answered my ignorant questions and made me feel like a local.

Maison Guyard

42 Rue De Verneuil 75007 Paris

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