In front of Bouillon des Colonies


Gal Pals have been to this restaurant the past three years in a row. This year, the maître d’ was hilarious and very attentive to our group! He was quick with a lemon drink for Corrie and a ½ bottle of some Aussie wine that Lisa ordered. After a long day of shopping, good humor was restored immediately upon consumption of our appetizers and wine! The wait staff did a great job and the food was delicious as usual.

A positive of Bouillon des Colonies is that the menu reflects the chef’s love of traveling to all the continents and he adds new dishes which keeps the menu current with discoveries of new spices from around the world. The drawback to this approach is that your favorite dish may not be available the season that you are eating there. No need to fret because your favorites are replaced with other selections of equal quality and good taste. What did all this mean for Lisa? Well, her beloved Moroccan dish with the mocha sauce was off the menu this time, but her other favorite thing was still on the menu – the dumplings! They serve shrimp, pork, vegetable and beef dumplings that are to die for and I recommend the assorted spring rolls to start and the Chicken Tagine for your main course. If the beef mocha sauce comes back on the menu definitely try it – gal pals think it’s their absolute best dish! As nine o’clock approached, we tried to rush out the door but our new favorite maître d’ graciously told us to stay as long as we liked!