Christmas Around the World


Collecting Christmas ornaments from my travels is something that I have been doing since the year I married – 1989.  Each year when my husband and I decorate our tree with our two boys the memories come flooding back.  Each journey holds a special place in my heart.

Although I have my favorite countries (France, bien sur) and a few that I would never go back to, I feel each experience was worthwhile in some way.

London Harrod's Doorman

Sometimes it’s a language barrier challenge that I conquer or meeting a sweet shop keeper that can be the single encounter that makes the trip worthwhile.  Often it’s just the fact that I have my husband by my side for nine hours straight on the plane that is the best part of a journey.  Whatever the reason, a bust location can still leave you with a great memory if you cherish the opportunity in and of itself.  I am mindful  how very lucky I am to have had these experiences so I take care to not take them for granted.


My favorite ornaments tend to be the ones that remind me of all the different places we have lived no matter how long or short.  It helps me keep track of all the moves and in some small way I feel that it fends off old age to be able to remember it all.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

New ornaments adorn our tree each year that I hunt for year ’round for each son.  My plan is that when my boys get married, they will inherit these ornaments so that they don’t have to start off their married life with a barren tree like my husband and I did.  It’s a fun tradition that the boys enjoy almost as much as I do.

Cheers,  Priscilla

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  • Jamie
    Posted at 05:39h, 14 December Reply

    We love travelling together and do cherish every single moment. I love the idea of collecting an ornament for the tree each place you go. Lovely and romantic.

  • John in France
    Posted at 13:49h, 12 December Reply

    I never take these things for granted! We’ve just decorated our tree and every ornament has a different story to tell of our travels!

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