Chamonix Lovers Unite & Guest Blogger Monday

Who knew there were so many Chamonix lovers reading my blog!  I have heard from many of you and some have commented on my article about travelling to the area with my family.  It just goes to prove that Chamonix has so much to offer.  Every step is an invitation to photograph something beautiful or unique and each small village surrounding the area has a charm that leaves people wanting more!  Marie-Charlotte is looking for her photos and I will post if she finds them.  J’adore Chamonix!!!

Two time gal pal Christine will be guest blogging on Monday!  She adds so much depth to our group when she takes the trip with us since she holds a Masters Degree in Art History.  She brings her love of adventure and kind nature combining the perfect elements for a flexible and fun travel companion.  Personally I hope this gal pal is a “threepeat” and will attend the upcoming 2011 trip!

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