facebook-2If you love macaroons and love the idea of sampling every flavor the City of Light offers, then you simply must enter this contest by Fat Tire Paris to win a FREE trip to Paris for two. With just a few clicks on your laptop, smart phone or desktop you could be on your way to winning this fabulous prize vacation which includes your airfare, accommodations, and a customized itinerary that you will love. Although I am already headed to Paris next week, I've entered and so should you! 

Le Procope SignLe Procope has been one of my favorite spots in Paris to dine in for over 20 years, that is until now. This past winter I received a challenge to my positive review from a reader named Paul. He wrote a comment on my article that was very disturbing about both the food he ate and the service he received while entertaining out-of-town guests for an evening out. Here's what happened after I read his comments and my new Le Procope Restaurant Review:

Kirwin wines I tasted. Kirwin wines in Bordeaux By now my regular readers know that Bordeaux is the preferred wine of the Gal Pals and when in Paris we drink it almost exclusively. That is, when we are not drinking Champagne, Burgundy or Sancerre. My recent trip to visit the chic and unique city left me wondering what took me so long make the short trip from Paris to this fabulous wine country. Now that I have been, there's no turning back. I loved every minute of it! The Guide to Bordeaux: How to Plan the Perfect Weekend first appeared in Upscale Living Magazine and was meant to be a launching point for a stay, not a complete guide. After my next trip in a couple of weeks, I hope to bring you more tips and tastes! 

Dining room as seen from inside the Grotto, unusual decor Dining room as seen from inside the Grotto, unusual decor Le Chapon Fin Bordeaux is one of the city's oldest establishments. Famous for its unusual decor, this restaurant is the choice of well-known actors, artists and local Château owners. Michelin-star Chef Nicholas Frion believes that all his customers are VIP's and treats them all with respect and like family. Move over stuffy codgers, this restaurant may have some history, but its modern cuisine is definitely 21st Century!

Although the sign said private, we snuck in for a quick peek. Although the sign said private, we snuck in for a quick peek. When it comes to being a rule follower, sign me up. I believe in rules and I abhor getting in trouble, but when it comes to Paris all bets are off. Sometimes it's good to be an "Ugly American" and bend the rules just a bit. How do you know which ones to break? Here's my gals guide to breaking rules in Paris and having fun while doing it.

Paragliders enjoying the views of Zermatt from the skies above Paragliders enjoying the views of Zermatt from the skies above It was a fantastic few days on the mountains of Zermatt, Switzerland. Ever since my brother and his friends stayed there during college I dreamed of seeing the Matterhorn and Zermatt, both of which exceeded my expectations. I hiked, ate mountain lunches en plain air and checked into a couple of hotels that were just delightful! The weather was idyllic with blue skies and few clouds which made photographing the  majestic views of the Matterhorn a dream come true.

DSC_0598What a fantastic day in Chamonix and Mont Blanc. I woke up with a perfect attitude for high altitude. It was an early morning, up for breakfast and out the door for eight o'clock in hopes of catching a glimpse of the elusive Mont Blanc that had thus far eluded me on this trip to the French Alps. It was a good sign when having my coffee on the deck of my luxury chalet that some blue sky peered out from the clouds to reveal the mountains and I hoped it would last until I had the chance to take the cable car up to the Aguille du Midi. Camera in hand and donning a new Chamonix alpine hat from the kind folks at the Chamonix Tourism office, I headed out for the adventure of a lifetime.