Before I get to Day two…

… I am very worried!  Lisa did NOT buy any shoes on this trip.  This is very bad.  Why?  Because every year she shows up and declares immediately (imagine her saying this with the Julia Child accent), “I don’t need anything so I am not buying anything!  I simply can’t afford it with the exchange rate!”  Then she pauses for a few seconds and chimes in, “Unless I find the perfect pair of shoes or boots that I simply must have.”  This has always been said by her and we consider it a good luck charm.  It’s a bad omen to not buy shoes.

Secondly, I did not find black pants or a black skirt which were on my “must buy” list, but I did in fact buy some salt.  So, since I was able to purchase my salt I am hoping this cancels out Lisa’s un-purchase of shoes.

Just in case, please stop reading and say a quick Hail Mary for us that we return next year!

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