DSC_0598What a fantastic day in Chamonix and Mont Blanc. I woke up with a perfect attitude for high altitude. It was an early morning, up for breakfast and out the door for eight o'clock in hopes of catching a glimpse of the elusive Mont Blanc that had thus far eluded me on this trip to the French Alps. It was a good sign when having my coffee on the deck of my luxury chalet that some blue sky peered out from the clouds to reveal the mountains and I hoped it would last until I had the chance to take the cable car up to the Aguille du Midi. Camera in hand and donning a new Chamonix alpine hat from the kind folks at the Chamonix Tourism office, I headed out for the adventure of a lifetime.

While I am traveling at the minute in the French Alps, I am still also thinking about my time this past winter visiting Bordeaux and the . Wine tasting is an art and choosing the best can be a daunting task when dining in this region. Sommelier's can help make or break a dining experience depending upon their advice. Good sommeliers pick a bottle that pairs well with the cuisine served at their restaurant, but great sommeliers choose one that suits your mood as well.

Photo courtesy of Le Fer á Cheval Photo courtesy of Le Fer à Cheval I just had the BEST massage of my life at Hotel Le Fer à Cheval in Megève, France! My therapist Alice applied the perfect amount of pressure to my aching back, legs, neck and feet which took away the tightness that sometimes comes with my busy travel. Lugging heavy bags and carrying a camera around all day tends to leave me with knots the size of Texas in my neck and shoulders. Not to mention that action-packed press tours where hiking in the rain and pounding the pavement in search of the best souvenirs can also bring on tension headaches.

photo 1Hiking in the rain was surprisingly fun! A rainy day in France is better than a sunny one in most places. Megève, France has a multitude of activities, both indoor and outdoor, to keep visitors chipper no matter the weather. So far it has been rainy on and off since my arrival yesterday, but I have hardly noticed. Between shopping, touring the local sights and hiking today in the mountains it has been an absolute pleasure spending time here with Best of the Alps – a European collaboration of the twelve world famous tourist destinations of the Alps - Chamonix Mont-Blanc, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Davos, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Grindelwald, Kitzbühel, Lech Zürs am Arlberg, Megève, Seefeld, St. Anton am Arlberg, St. Moritz and Zermatt.

  Hidden art in a passageway from the Cathedral down to the shopping district. Hidden art in a passageway from the Cathedral down to the shopping district. Yesterday was a difficult day between me and Wordpress, the program I use to compose these posts. They published my ode to Geneva before it was primed. So here's round two of Getting My French on in Geneva, Switzerland which includes the highlights of a low-light day: It's been a great first day of my Best of the Alps trip. First stop, Geneva. My French is rusty, but my photography is up to par. Enjoy these photos from today's walkabout in this timeless city. Please ignore the rain, because I did and had a great time!

Brochier window modelEarth shattering no, but the sight of a naked Parisian model definitely caught pedestrians by surprise. Fashion runways are full of skinny chicks in short skirts and low cut, backless numbers so it came as no shock to me when I was roaming the streets of Paris in the textiles area, close to Boulevard Saint-Germain, that I happened upon a window with a pretty gal wearing what appeared to be nothing but paint.

  versailles courtyardIt was a brutally frigid day when I last visited the Palace at Versailles, but that did not stop the hoards of tourists who flocked to the village for a chance to see where royals once roamed. The bulk of the guests were Chinese. The long haul flights and inclement weather did not deter them from checking out every inch of the Palace, both inside and outside the Palace of Versailles.

versailles chapelInside Versailles it is full of rich history, opulence and beauty. Eye candy is found both inside its hallowed halls and outside in the acres and acres of groves. Hunting lodge, Palace, Family Retreat, War Hospital, Foreign Occupied Quarters, and Museum - Versailles has been home to royalty, war veterans and Prussians.