Priscilla’s Picks Shopping: Chic Accessory Shop Paris

boudoir des lubies

I love the pop of red color on the handbag in the window

Awesome accessory shop Paris! Window shopping is simply the best in Paris. I can breeze past dozens in the matter of minutes, or take an hour because the window displays draw me inside for a peek and sometimes a purchase. Good thing the shop lady was busy on the telephone when I made a brief poke around, because ooo, la, la I am sure she would have convinced me to take home one of everything!

Boudoir des Lubies is a chic accessory store in Paris with gorgeous luxury goods made with interesting python patterns, pretty prints and classic colors. Very upscale and perfect for executives, one accessory from here and you will be the talk of the office.

Looking for a traditional brief case or chic toiletries train case? This is the place for you! Too pricey? Don’t faint, just enjoy the eye candy as you walk on by…

Boudoir des Lubies is located very close to the Bon Marché – truly convenient for those who are looking to complete their work wardrobe in a day. If only I “needed” a work wardrobe! Le sigh…

2, rue Dauphin 75006 Paris

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