A Stroll on Rue Saint Dominique

Another fabulous Guest Post from writer Margo Waite…

One of the more interesting Parisian streets I’ve explored is rue St. Dominique in the 7th arrondissemont.  It’s listed on Trip Advisor as the 276th attraction out of 527 in Paris.  That’s not a great distinction to be sure, but there’s a lot to see and do on this little street which connects Les Invalides to Parc du Champ de Mars and the Eiffel Tower.  You’ll think I’m off base as you start your walk toward the Eiffel Tower from Invalides.  The first couple of blocks are not very interesting architecturally and shopping is scarce.  But persevere, and you’ll be rewarded by a chic shopping street with prices ranging from ridiculously low to excessively high—and everything in between.  As you continue your walk, the Eiffel Tower looms encouragingly.

I’m the first one to admit I’m food obsessed.  My quest on my last trip to Paris was to find the best almond croissant, and I succeeded.  It’s at La Boulangerie Julien at 85 rue St. Dominique.  These are big croissants, stuffed with dense, not too sweet, almond paste in a light, flaky crust, and topped with sliced almonds and of course the requisite dusting of powdered sugar.  If you need even more of a carbo rush, just across the street at 74 rue St. Dominique is Lemoine, with a dazzling selection of chocolates and macaroons.

Rue St. Dominique is also home to many restaurants, including four which are part of the famed Christian Constant’s empire: Café Constant at 139, Le Violon d’Ingres at 137, Les Cocottes at 135, and Les Fables de la Fontaine at 131. Our lunch at Les Cocottes was wonderful.  Although the restaurant was crowded, we marched in and found seats at the counter up front.  The service was prompt and friendly, and our mushroom veloute and creamed white bean soups were ethereal; not only was our pate delicious, it was beautifully plated.

On this street of opportunities, I was on a mission to buy a Parisian scarf and my choices were vast.  I succumbed to a red wool challis scarf with bright white stars at Scarlet Roos at No. 95.  This scarf of my dreams cost 39 euros.  But at other stores on the street I could have easily spent 100 euros—or 10 euros at Camaieu at No. 84.

If you go:  The Rue Cler market with its abundant fresh produce, cheese shops, bakeries and wine purveyors is one block off Rue St. Dominique.  I buy my cheese at La Fromageria at 31 rue Cler, and wines at Repaire de Bacchus at 29 rue Cler. More about rue Cler in another post.

Margo is a frequent guest blogger for Weekend In Paris. Besides being a knowledgable Francophile, she is an Independent Publishing Professional based out of Newport, Rhode Island. She is an avid traveler, foodie and lover of all things French.

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  • Alan
    Posted at 21:04h, 15 August Reply

    I have stayed on this street before and I just love it. We were just a few doors down from Nely Julien so that is where I got our bread and rolls. I loved this street so much that I made sure my apartment for 2014 is right on the Rue St Dominique. There are good shops, kind people, lots of well mannered dogs, and people enjoying everyday life. It is a quiet place to come home to after a day across the river.

    • Weekend In Paris
      Posted at 06:53h, 16 August Reply

      Hi Alan,

      Enjoy rue Saint Dominique – such a great street!


      • Alan
        Posted at 11:37h, 16 August

        Thanks. But maybe we should keep this street as our secret!

  • Anne
    Posted at 15:32h, 07 May Reply

    Loved this post as this is the area I stayed in (cat sitting) for two weeks.. I left a comment on your post about travelling solo. I love this area especially Rue Cler as it was so close to the apartment, and I felt safe eating there if I was on my own. Lemoine is amazing, if I remember I think they sell lots of Nougat. 🙂

  • Bobbi
    Posted at 08:06h, 24 April Reply

    Agree completely, this is a very fun street to explore, from fashion to food, to people watching. Also conveniently accessible by bus or metro.

    • Weekend In Paris
      Posted at 08:28h, 24 April Reply

      Thanks Bobbi for reading the post and taking the time to comment. Margo is a talented writer who makes us all feel like jumping on a plane right now and heading to her favorite spots!

      🙂 Priscilla

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