3 Days To Go – Panic Mode!

Why must there always be panic right before the trip?  Are the kids all set, is the husband all set, is the dog all set?  Contingency plans, must have contingency plans! Does my husband panic before leaving on a business trip or when he’s headed off to some adrenaline junkie adventure with his equally crazy male pals (that’s you Nick and Fred)?  I don’t think so; I really don’t think he has that panic button.  He was not programmed that way.  I am jealous!!!

The greatest fear is always what happens if something happens to the kids while I am gone.  Crossed that bridge a couple of years ago.  I left, as usual, with strict instructions that should anything happen to anyone while I am gone they should call my husband because he is in the US and can handle anything.  I will be far away – not on my cell since the International rates are highway robbery and there is a huge time difference.  Of course, that’s always when the emergency happens.  I turned my cell phone one night after being out with the gal pals out of motherly instinct and within a split second there was a call from my oldest, “Mom, I think I broke my ankle.”  My instant reaction was sh** why when I am out of town?!  Then I got a grip and went into nurse mode saying, “I’m so sorry honey.  Do you need surgery?  Is the bone sticking out or is it just swollen and black and blue?”  Sorry guys, but at a buck a minute one needs to triage and cut to the chase!  Bone in tact and health services said it was a sprain but my child knows his own body so I’m guessing it is broken.  Call Dad in a minute were the instructions I gave him so that I would have time to call dad first and get him prepped and ready to handle it.  “Love you, love you, love you and hope it gets better.  Call me back if for some reason dad does not answer.  Text me when you have spoken to dad.”  Gal pals reassuring me the whole time that I was NOT the bad mother I was feeling like at the minute for missing this crisis.  Of course it made everyone want to call home briefly to check their houses too.  All was well and the adventure continued. 

Lessons learned include:   Always pay attention to your instincts.  Have faith that your husband can handle it and tell your kids it is okay to call your cell half way around the world because it’s worth every damn penny paid to AT&T to hear your child’s voice when they really need you!

  • liqudfrench
    Posted at 01:45h, 18 January Reply

    I ALWAYS go into panic mode right before a trip. No matter how many times I travel, I still go into Gut Check City right before. I even ask myself, “Why am I doing this? Why don’t I just make life easier and stay at home?”

    Also, I loved your tweet about all the chargers we need. Jeez, I need a whole bag just for the tech stuff. And I bring two ipods (one small one with music and pocasts and stuff and a bigger one that shows movies IN CASE I end up on a flight that does not have individual movie viewers).

    Don’t forget your Europe plug adapter. And I always bring a face cloth, because I have found not all the hotels there seem to provide them. (I guess they are not used as much there? Not sure).

    I am so jealous. I will be awaiting your blog about it.

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