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Rosetta Stone French



Uh oh, I have been spending more time on this blog than on my Rosetta Stone French lessons.  Must get through brushing up on shopping vocabulary and how to ask for the prices of things.  Yes, honey, contrary to popular belief I DO ask the price before purchasing.  And, January is a great time to shop as everything is on sale!  

By the end of this weekend I need to:  make shopping list of items I want/need to purchase.  The “needs” would consist of staple clothing items such as black pants and shoes.  I also need some fashion forward tops that can be worn all year-long. 

The “wants” are a couple of new spring/summer pieces that will fit in with the rest of my wardrobe.  I also want a summer black purse.  Don’t tell my kids because they have taken to counting my purses and insist that I already have enough.  Like shoes, one needs to update these items with fashion trends.  Lucky for all I have a place I like off St. Germain that fits the bill without breaking the bank! 


I also need to get one of my son’s his favorite candy (shown above) for him and some for his former French teacher who uses these delicious confections as “incentives” for her math and French students.  She is the coolest dressing teacher my kids have ever had!  Thanks Mrs. Z. for teaching them well while elevating the dress code at an all boys school! 

Lastly, I don’t know why I have to do this, but I feel like it’s a “have to” purchase – salt.  There is a cool place to purchase it and it just makes me feel happy to buy it there.  

Must go now, eat “un sandwich” – yes that’s French for a sandwich and get back on the French lessons or I will only be eating des sandwichs in Paris.  That would be a crime!

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