10 days to go & Rosetta Stone update

I did follow trough last night and worked on my French.  I then dreamed in French for a bit so I think this is a good sign.

This morning Rosetta Stone tells me I have completed French I and I am ready for French II.  I so don’t think I am ready!

At the end of each section there is a mastery part where it shows you walking down a certain path, say to a shop or park, and you have to start conversing with whomever is there.  I scroll up to them and freeze!  It’s like the program has found a virus and stops working…I don’t know what to say to these strangers?!  Rosetta knows who they are and what they have planned, but seriously, I don’t know them or whether to greet them as friends or as people I have never met before?  My mother spent hours and hours telling me NOT to talk to strangers and here Rosetta Stone is having me walk alone in parks and come up to perfect strangers who look like they are camping or homeless (these are not the fashion forward Paris chicks we are used to seeing in magazines and in movies) and start asking them what they are doing.  In America I would get the crap beaten out of me for doing that!  In Texas I would get shot!!

It’s actually been very funny to learn French this way and see how politically correct it is to learn French now too.  We were learning how to ask someone where they are from and what language do they speak.  The first ones we asked were Arab and spoke Arabic.  Then the first families we met showed the women in burkas.  The next group were Chinese.  Sign of the times my friends. 

I imagine the French kids using Rosetta Stone to learn English are first meeting families that are Mexican and speak Spanish or are Chinese.  When I am in Paris I am going to look  in a bookstore for Rosetta Stone and see what photos are on the English versions and let you know!  I think the French kids want photos of Mickey Mouse, McDonalds, Chevy’s and apple pie not Taco Bell and chopsticks – I could be wrong, but I don’t think so?!  Just don’t tell the kids to look underneath anything because they will find a “Made in China” label.  We want them to still think “American” things are American! 

Personally, I find it nicely “inclusive” but not necessary.  I go to France to experience French things – baguettes, elcairs, Bordeaux, frommage and chocolat.  I want to learn about French culture and the language.  Comprend?

  • Kim Kirby
    Posted at 17:40h, 11 January Reply

    Hey Priscilla,
    Your blog is great! It’s a bit of a “grown up Eloise goes to Paris”..(.that’s a compliment…I adored the Eloise books!)
    What’s up with our boys and the bag counting….do we comment on the extra sports gear…ipods…boats etc…that they seem to have to have?!
    Take care!
    xo, Kim

    • Paris Gal Pal Blog
      Posted at 20:00h, 11 January Reply

      We have a spot open on this trip – I think you should just jump on a plane and meet us!!!
      XO, P

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