Friendship, Cupcakes, Handbags Oh My at the 3rd Annual Paris Tweet Up

(l-r) Lindsey Kent of Pictours Paris, Edna Zhou of Expat Edna, and Danielle Alvarez of Danielle Abroad Photo courtesy of Edna Zhou

(l-r) Lindsey Kent of Pictours Paris, Edna Zhou of Expat Edna, and Danielle Alvarez of Danielle Abroad. Photo courtesy of Edna Zhou

How much fun it is to go thousands of miles to see people you only Tweet with the rest of the year? Tons of fun I say! Tweeters of all walks of life, all ages groups, many different careers and geographic locations came together at a very interesting venue – Le China Restaurant, Bar & Club in the 12th. We had an exotic Asian themed room upstairs to ourselves with a great ambiance and cupcakes galore. A great time was had by all – exchanging information and networking at its best. I was personally thrilled that we had some new faces who are recent Paris arrivals and/or newbies in the Twitter world. They wanted to meet fellow ex-pats and I know the locals will take them under their wings.

cupcake tier tweetup 2013

Delicious cupcakes from @BertiesCupCakery and @SweetPeaParis

It was the 3rd Annual Paris Tweetup, but it was also a mini cupcake feast with delicious concoctions baked from the kitchens by Bobbie Parsons of Bertie’s CupCakery @BertiesCupCakes and Alisa Morov of Sweet Pea Baking @SweetPeaParis.

kim petyt

Kim Petyt @parisianparty holding a cupcake with a wrapper with her logo. Photo courtesy of Paris Insights.

A special thank you to Kasia Dietz @KasiaDietzBags and Forest Collins @52Martinis for finding the interesting venue. At last count we had forty Tweeters, both veterans and “newbies” who came together. I have heard from many of you since and everyone said they enjoyed being able to place a face with a name – the person behind the Twitter name and about people’s hobbies outside Twitter. Many were surprised to learn that I don’t just travel to Paris, I love to go anywhere and I write about my other adventures for the online magazine The Daily and that if I had to choose one spot to vacation in for the rest of my life it would be to the British Virgin Islands. It’s the place where I find complete and total relaxation.

Kasia Dietz-Weekend In Paris logo[2]

Custom hand painted Weekend In Paris logo handbag.

We also had a raffle for a Kasia Dietz custom made handbag that I donated for a raffle. I can’t believe I did not take a photo! If anyone has one of the winner with her bag, please send it on to me and I will repost this with it included!

tom reeves taking attendance

Tom Reeves of Paris Insights taking attendance.

Shout outs to Kathryn Riechert @knrichert who traveled all the way from NYC to attend (this is her third Tweet Up and she wins the award for having come the farthest to participate) and to Tom Reeves @TomReevesParis who is always very diligent about taking “attendance” and taking photos to help document the evening. The time was too short; it always is when we get together. I know I had to head out promptly at the end to take the Gal Pals to dinner, but many of you were still chatting away when I left. That is a sign of a great event – when no one wants to leave!

Want to attend the next Tweet Up in Paris? Just follow me via Twitter and this blog for more information. All are welcome!

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Join me in Paris for the 3rd Annual Tweet Up

potential logo

Ooo la la it’s Paris Tweet Up time…

Priscilla Pilon of The Weekend In Paris is coming to town!

Please join Priscilla and fabulous co-hosts

Forest Collins of 52 Martinis


Kasia Dietz of Love in the City of Lights


Le Bar of Le China

for the

3rd Annual Tweet Up

January 28th 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Meet up with fellow tweeters and bloggers to chat and network

about all things expat, travel, Paris or anything interesting on your mind.

Eventbrite - Paris 2013 Tweetup

One lucky attendee will win a custom Kasia Dietz creation –

a reversible bag courtesy of Weekend In Paris

Kasia Dietz-rive gauche bag[7] Kasia Dietz-Weekend In Paris logo[5]


L’Ami Louis Restaurant is NOT my Friend!

2008 Gal Pals enjoying duck at La Tour D'Argent

Making dining reservations in Paris can be as easy as going online, filling out a form and receiving a confirmation of your booking via email with a site like The Fork.  It can, however, get way more complicated than necessary and wind up in disappointment.  Gal Pal Twitter friend Forest Collins of the famed 52 Martinis offered to help me make dining reservations for our impending trip.  Mr. Graham (Gal Pal Elizabeth’s father) offered to treat us to a fantastic dinner at the trendy and expensive spot L’Ami Louis that is reveiwed in Frommer’s.  Forest first telephoned L’Ami (Ami in French is friend) in November to book us a table and the maître d’ told her to ring back in December.  Forest marked a date in her busy calendar to follow-up with him at L’Ami only to have the gentleman tell her that she needs to call back two weeks in advance of the desired booking.  Again Forest marked the precise date in her calendar and called to inquire about said booking.  She was told that they would take the reservation the following Wednesday so please call back.  Yesterday was it!  Finally a reservation at the infamous and famous L’Ami Louis!!!  WRONG…she phoned them and guess what?  They were fully booked!  Ce n’est pas possible?!  Seriously, they told her it didn’t matter that she called a million times and yes, they remembered her calling a million times, but after all, “It’s fashion week.” 

Well L’Ami Louis – know this…you are NOT my friend, but you will not ruin my trip.  You will not sour me on the French people.  You only made me more convinced that La Tour D’Argent is top dog in town.  Yes mon Ami, we have a reservation at La Tour D’Argent and you DON’T!


Drink Plan for the Gal Pals

Cocktail Queen Forest Collins

I love planning trips.  I love planning them almost as much as I love taking them. So, what’s the next best thing to planning and taking my own trips? Helping someone else plan theirs, of course!  So, I was tickled when Priscilla asked me to step in for a guest post on where to find fabulous drinks for the upcoming Girls’ Weekend in Paris. Priscilla let me in the general restaurant schedule, so bearing in mind locations and opening times, here’s my suggestions for the Gal Pals:


View from Ciel de Paris

It’s Andrea’s first time to Paris, so give her a dazzling view of the city that includes the Eiffel Tower.  Start the evening with a drink in the Ciel de Paris at the top of the Tour Montparnasse.  Cocktail hour is a great place to stop in because – if timed right – you can catch both a bit of daylight and then watch Paris light up and twinkle once the sun sets.  Cocktails are not their strong suit, so go for a glass of wine.  Or get even more festive with a glass of something bubbly to celebrate your first night in town.  Just don’t over indulge in the tasty bar snacks because you’ve got a nice dinner ahead of you!

On the first night, I tend to stay up way too late when I’m traveling with the girls.  There’s so much to catch up on and a lot of laughing to get in.  So if (like me) you find it hard to put the brakes on first night fun with the girls, head to the nearby Hotel de l’Abbaye for a nightcap. This charming hotel is a perfect spot for a drink with the ladies.  And, in January it will still be cool enough that they should have the fire going.  So, settle into one of the cozy overstuffed chairs or sofas with your digestif, and stay up past your bedtimes!

Just for Elizabeth!


I know you’ll be doing a bit of wine tasting during the day, so mix it up with some cocktails tonight.  I hear that Elizabeth is a girl after my own heart and appreciates a good martini, so a stop at the Experimental Cocktail Club is a must. If you like Hendrick’s gin, try their martini with it.  If you get in just at opening, you can grab a cozy corner of this speakeasy style lounge before the inevitable evening crowds descend. The Experimental (or ECC as many call it) has been a notable force in bringing the craft cocktail movement to the mainstream in Paris, so you can trust any drink on their menu. (And, Lisa, if you like this spot, bear in mind that the boys have recently opened a bar in London under the same name, which promises to be just as good.)


It’s Tweetup night, so you’ve already got this one covered.  But, if you have a bit of energy after your meal and you still want to try the Bar Hemingway at the Ritz, this might be the night – also convenient because it’s open and many other places will be closed on this night. It’s not in the same arrondissement as your restaurant, but not too far, so a cab ride shouldn’t be too much. The way to get the most out of a drink at the Ritz is to sit up at the bar and have them make something specifically for you – and if Colin’s working, he seems to have an extra special knack for this!


I understand Christine is recently married so she might get a kick out of going to long-standing Paris institution, Lapérouse, where antique mirrors still bear scratches from courtesans testing their diamonds on them back in naughtier times.  So stop in the grandly decorated bar for a taste of racy Paris past.  Cocktails here are handled competently, but really what better place to sip in real French style with a coupe de champagne? So raise a glass to a fabulous girls weekend coming to an end and to Priscilla for her top-notch organization!

Rest up, ladies! You’ve got some serious eating and drinking fun ahead of you.

All photos courtesy of Forest Collins

Forest Collins,  self acclaimed cocktail stalker, opinion foister & things-happening maker searching for the best cocktails in Paris. (and sometimes other places too) is the author of a blog appropriately named 52 Martinis which can be found on the web at: Forest also tweets under the Twitter name @52Martinis where she gives advice on the best places to find the perfect cocktails.