Carton Paris Boulagerie

Carton Paris Boulagerie – handy spot for a baguette and a deliciously smooth chocolate filled éclair. This cute little shop (part of a small Paris chain) has amazing pastries and chocolates as well, but you had better be quick when ordering. The queue can be long, but very fast to so practice your French and be ready to speak up with your order.

The gal pals also like Carton macaroons. I am told they taste as good as they look although I have not tried them there. Resolved, I will on my next trip! Self proclaimed chocoholic, I enjoy their straight forward sharp dark chocolates and creamy milk chocolates, but wouldn’t say they were the most special ones you can find in Europe. They do however, have lovely gift boxes of chocolatey treats if you feel the need to hand carry delicious treats back home. Personally, I’ve tried to bring some home, but resisting the smell for a nine-hour plus plane ride home has proven too difficult a challenge pour moi. Frequently consumed by take-off, I find it’s just too depressing leaving Paris and a girl has to console her self somehow, n’est-ce pas?

The address is: 6 Rue de Buci, Paris, France 75006

2 comments on “Carton Paris Boulagerie

  1. Heather

    I’m making a note! We will be in Paris in October and pastries are on The List. Love the new blog look, the colors are moody blue and evocative, and it’s clutter free – I love clean layouts. Best wishes, Heather

    1. Weekend In Paris

      Hi Heather!

      I’m so excited for you to headed to Paris during the best weather month – October. So many opportunities for dining out and hanging in cafes till late!

      Of course there are great places for pastries all over Paris, but if you are in the 6th I hope you make it to Carton!

      Thanks for the sweet comments on the new look of the blog! It’s been a journey learning how to organize everything so people can get the most out of reading it.

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment!


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